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POSTED ON: 01.21.2009
Designed by WXY and Local Projects, the new NYC Visitor Information Center just north of Times Square transforms a storefront into an "information space", seamlessly integrating media design and architecture to meet visitors at any level of engagement. The Center is a portal for New York, where people discover an array of local experiences.

The view from the street pulls the visitor into the information architecture. The graphic banding of floor and walls creates a foreshortened perspective to simulate the city experience within the Center.

POSTED ON: 01.21.2009
The 100 top questions are answered at the "FAQ" stations in ten different languages. These touch screens provide visual directions, quick tips, and up to the minute events, that can be emailed to users on the go. For further exploration, a series of multitouch screen tables with sophisticated interactive mapping capability enable visitors to create their custom NYC guidebook. Choose a category to browse, then take a virtual walk in the city's streets to build your guidebook. The circle around the dot marks the time it takes to walk between sites.

POSTED ON: 01.21.2009
Animating the Center's back wall, the "FlyNYC" is a space for visitors to influence each other with their own personal choices, as well as with celebrity movies and locals' tips. Individual itineraries are projected as a personalized helicopter ride over the City.

POSTED ON: 01.21.2009
By moving a puck like a "You Are Here" dot, you find curated highlights, and save interesting locations. To take their custom guidebook to go, visitors get an instant print-out, email, or cellphone SMS with an interactive mapping application.


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POSTED ON: 05.15.2009


WXY with Local Projects will be part of the "New York Designs 2009: Public" Lecture Series organized by The Architectural League of New York on Thursday, June 4, 7PM.

POSTED ON: 05.09.2009


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POSTED ON: 04.15.2009


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POSTED ON: 02.18.2009


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POSTED ON: 01.30.2009


NYC Information Center is opened to the public. Mayor Bloomberg and NYC & Company today unveiled the City's new state-of-the-art Information Center and launched to help residents and visitors explore and enjoy New York City.

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POSTED ON: 01.21.2009

Photography 12.08.2008: Albert Vecerka / Esto