Providence River Pedestrian Bridge

POSTED ON: 12.13.2010
The Providence River Pedestrian Bridge provides a new link between neighborhoods and a place for gathering and activity. 

More than a single connector, it is a flexible, seamless extension of the new riverfront parks.

Two twelve-foot wide levels, an upper and lower, ensure safe circulation for bikers, runners, walkers and strollers. Amphitheater seating connects the two pathway zones and makes a city-scaled porch of reclaimed hardwood.

POSTED ON: 12.13.2010

The structure of the bridge is informed by regional marine fabrication technology. As in a boat hull, a central torsion box and peripheral ribs make sinuous geometry possible, while providing strength and efficiency.

Our approach to the Providence bridge lighting offers safe passage for pedestrians and fulfills a signature role in the landscape. At night, the bridge will evoke an animated landscape through use of tiny luminous diodes. 

The firefly, the joyful discovery of small lights on the water, and the network of new connections will enhance the vibrancy of Providence’s public realm.


POSTED ON: 12.13.2010

Left: Looking West towards Downcity overlooking the Amphitheater from the upper path.

Right: Looking East towards College Hill from the lower path.

POSTED ON: 12.13.2010

Looking South at Firefly Crossing at night

POSTED ON: 12.13.2010

Looking North Towards Downtown Providence from the River

POSTED ON: 12.13.2010

Looking East at the bridge at night.


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Buro Happold (Engineering)

LSLP (Lighting Design)

Ron Henderson LA (Landscape Architecture)

EDesignDynamics (Landscape and Environmental Design)

James Lima HRA (Planning Consultant)